At the start of the program participants receive a pre-program questionnaire for developing individual Work Profile Analysis. This allows PEP® coach to tailor the PEP® sessions to the group’s specific needs, within the basic template of PEP® Program.

PEP® Work Profile Analysis (PEP® WPA)

PEP® WPA identified the most important problems in the area of efficiency within your organization. This knowledge allows you to lower your costs and at the same time maximise productivity of your employees.

Our powerful online PEP® WPA gives an in depth view of the factors that affect efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in your organization.

PEP® WPA will give you a “snapshot” of your organization from the viewpoint of your personnel. Managers will get a clear view of the general efficiency of their team and will be able to measure the culture and the productivity. Your employees will get insight in their own personal efficiency.

Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment

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